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We are passionate about making your application process smoother, simpler and more successful

Our Story

We believe in something simple: a better way of evaluating personal statements. During our time at school, we recognised the difficulty of writing a statement that succinctly summarises your passion and achievements. There are many guides, books and websites that provide tips on how to get started. However, there are very few resources available that aim to analyse and improve your finished statement.

At its core, a personal statement is a CV: the aim is to sell yourself to the reader. Undoubtedly, such a daunting task deserves more support given the lifetime impact of university applications.

As a result, we embarked on a mission: to provide a simple-to-use, effective and affordable service that aims to boost your chances at reaching your dream university. How? By offering independent reviews and suggestions of personal statements.

Our Values

We believe in a flexible, efficient and ethical method of helping students perfect their personal statement while providing it at an accessible price point to assist as many people who need it. We highlight mistakes and areas requiring improvement, describe our reasoning behind our suggestions and provide an overall review of a personal statement’s impact. In short, we’re not satisfied unless every aspect is picked apart to assist in achieving your personal statement’s maximum potential.

In the same vein, we do not edit personal statements. Critiques reflect our own views and opinions on how the statement could be improved. After all, different tutors have different preferences: some enjoy long stories of what attracted you to the subject, while others are keener on being straight to the point; some appreciate lists of extracurricular activities and achievements, while others want a more reflective experience.

We take pride in our approach of providing the best of both worlds – covering the multifaceted nature of personal statements whilst offering concrete advice based on extensive research, experience and expertise.

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Ali Al-Hadithi

UniBoost Founder, Medical Student at University of Cambridge

As a medical student at the University of Cambridge, I have extensively marked personal statements for numerous friends over the years and assisted them in reaching some of the UK’s top universities. Upon their suggestion and wish for more accessible marking services, I have set up UniBoost.

My objective is to level the playing field by providing such evaluations to all students that need it. Therefore, I would like to minimise the effects of factors outside your control (for example, school or location) upon personal statements and UCAS applications.

When I’m not studying medicine or operating on statements, I enjoy playing football and fencing.

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