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We don’t just mark personal statements.

We review them.

Line-by-line, paragraph-by-paragraph help

Our exclusive scoring system clearly displays your personal statement’s effectiveness. In addition, every detail is picked apart and the overall impression is recorded. All remarks are accompanied by suggestions for improvement. We objectively examine your personal statement. Just like an admissions tutor, we consider: why should I admit this student? How are they better than other applicants? In essence, we ensure that every sentence proves why you deserve a place at university.
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Every sentence and paragraph is evaluated

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Avoid critical, common and simple mistakes

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Personal statement reviews are sent as .doc documents by e-mail within a few days.

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Complete review delivered in


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About Us

At school, we recognised the difficulty of summarising your passion into a document. The absence of dedicated help for personal statements made it clear that someone needed to step in.

As a result, we embarked on a mission – to provide a simple-to-use, effective and affordable service. By offering independent reviews and suggestions, we aim to boost your chances at reaching your dream university.

We believe in something simple:

A better way of evaluating personal statements.

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Find answers to questions that you may have about UniBoost – and some you might not have thought of.

If your question has not been answered below, simply contact us directly or use our contact form.

Why don't you write/edit rather than evaluate personal statements?

Reviews provide us with versatility. Personal statements can be filled with numerous suggestions that reflect the multitude of opinions that surround the subject. This makes it easy to pick and choose which advice you want to follow according to your own preference.

We also believe that writing or editing personal statements treads on the edge of plagiarism (a definite no-no). More importantly, without personally knowing you, we would only be able to produce generic sentences.

Do you have an example of a reviewed personal statement?
How are your prices so low?

We believe that our services should be accessible to as many students as possible. As an organisation that is completely run by students, we can keep our costs low and pass on the savings to you. This is further assisted by the fact that we are online-only, allowing us to optimise and simplify all our services to specifically cater to you.

Thus, after accounting for all our expenses (and some pocket money), we have managed to minimise the prices of personal statement reviews as much as possible.

My school has offered to mark my personal statement. Do I need this?

It is great to hear you have such good support!

Help for personal statements from schools usually takes the form of superficial feedback rather than an in-depth critique and analysis of each sentence. Furthermore, it is difficult to exclude the element of bias – as independent reviewers, we are able to provide reliable, objective evaluations. We greatly believe in the quality of our service and, naturally, are strong advocates for the use of our reviews.

Is my data safe?

We take privacy seriously. Quite simply, we are not affiliated with any other organisation or business and will not pass on your information to any third party (except for payment processing, which is performed through the extremely secure Stripe payment gateway).

Will I be guaranteed a place in university if I follow your advice?

Whilst we provide the ultimate evaluation service, the answer is quite simply no. We critique personal statements and provide suggestions that are aimed at improving your application.

University applications rely on many other factors, such as your grades and interview performance. In addition, different people will have different opinions upon any piece of literature.

An aspect that we can't control is your different achievements and interests, which does play a role in the effectiveness of a personal statement. For this reason, our service includes highlighting and focussing upon your strengths to help you stand out from the crowd.

How are personal statement evaluations delivered?

Evaluations are accessibly and rapidly sent by e-mail in a .doc format. This provides you with an easily editable document for your future work.


Master your Personal Statement

UniBoost provides a line-by-line analysis. Thus, we can focus on the nitty-gritty of your personal statement.


Premier Reviews, Incredible Value

No middlemen, no added costs. As a student-run service, UniBoost is in the ideal position to understand your needs.


Highlight your Skills

We pinpoint your strengths and help you eloquently focus on them. In conjunction with our help in achieving a fluid flow, never worry about weaknesses again.


Complete Security and Confidentiality

Security is extremely important to us. Our secured payment gateway is only one of the measures we employ to ensure your peace of mind.


Check out our pricing plans to get the best help possible

Still unsure?

Explore our example of a reviewed personal statement.

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